Working with us

Whether you are renovating existing space, or building from scratch, we can assist you in bringing your vision to fruition

Do I need to consider entering into a design-build contract?

If any of the following fits your current or near-future situation, you may want to consider initiating a design-build project by contacting us.

  • Your organization is considering relocating.
  • Your current facility simply does not meet your needs.
  • Your business is growing and you are considering an addition, remodel or new facility.
  • You have recently acquired land and, although not ready to build, would like to have a master plan developed for the long-term use of the land.
  • You have a need for additional space and/or building functions, but you cannot envision how you will afford it.
  • You will need to sell your existing facility before you can begin to think about funding a construction project.
  • You have a vision for a facility, but have not yet identified the right location.
  • Your current facility could use a face lift.
What are the benefits of working with Hugman Design-Build?
  • Single Source of Responsibility:
    • Complete coordination of all details from conception to completion
    • Total integration of design and construction by a single, fully accountable, and professionally licensed entity
  • Up front pricing:
    • Continuous pricing up front and throughout the design and construction process to target and maintain the budget
    • Less time and cost than traditional architecture/bid/construction methods
  • Teamwork approach:
    • Involvement of the client in the design and construction process is paramount to the project?s success

Communication is key.