Why Design Build?

The HLH Design-Build approach brings together the Owner, our Design Team, and our Construction Team, at the beginning of the project, which together establishes the scope of work, project schedule and budget. This process allows the Design Team to tailor the project design around the construction budget from the very start without having to go through the timely and costly redesign process during the traditional design, bid, build method. While the Design Team works on the plans our Construction Team begins meeting with our trade partners, gathering pricing and project specific information, prior to construction starting, so our team is ready to begin as soon as the permit has been issued. The HLH Design-Build approach works best for the clients who wish to eliminate multiple contracts between different design teams and contractors, saving time and optimizing the project budget. With the HLH Design-Build approach you will work with one Team that will streamline your project from conception all the way through completion.

Design Services

Construction Services

Pre-Bond Issue Assistance

  1. HLH can provide the district with many options, such as utilizing existing structures, building additions or renovating facilities, depending on the district’s bonding capacities.
  2. Master Planning and Cost Estimation of capital improvement projects.
  3. HLH can aid in the passage of the bond by providing renderings, prepared floor plans and other graphical aids for public distribution and advertisements to gain support and help constituents visualize these projects.
  1. Participating in school board meetings.
  2. Interact with school officials and organizations.
  3. Present proposed project to the community, and community research and development groups.